Ex Speaker Cables                                  Ribbons in Air

 A New Revolutionary Design, pure copper, silver and aluminum ribbons suspended in air tubes. Eliminating all skin effect. 

 Utilizing my custom passive Carbon, Tungsten, Nickel shield that Electro-magnetically focuses the signal minimizing distortion, and interference.  

 Resulting in amazing realism, you are there Three Dimensional performance.


Single speaker cable, $45 per foot pair.

Bi-wire speaker cable, $75 per foot quad pair.

Standard Termination, 14 gauge solid copper bare wire.

 High performance Silver-plated alpha copper spades and very Low Mass silver-plated beryllium copper bananas  available for $10 each. 

In the photo notice how conductor transmitting surface area is greatly enhanced far beyond any other cable design. Also the unique air dielectric of the conductor ribbons eliminating all skin effects affecting signal flow.