Ex+ cables

Unique budget interconnects utilizing my patented design advances in both analogue and digital transference. True state of the art budget cables the result of over 30 years of research and development. Combining together my custom Patented ribbon design of copper, silver and aluminum ribbons, with my passive carbon shield elevates these cables to an entirely new level of performance in budget cables.                                                                 

  RCA connectors - a connector I have custom designed and manufactured. The best on the market. Of purer copper than any other available with heavy silver plate. Low mass, by far the finest performing connector available. I also have silver bullet plugs made for my Pharaoh cables and phonograph cables.

                                                                           Legendary mastering engineer Steve Hoffman holding Grover Huffman RCA cables in one of his mastering rooms.

My Ex+ is my budget line of cables. It easily outperforms cables costing 4+ times it's cost. It's my budget cables but performs vastly beyond budget status. It is after all a hand made from scratch custom cable with premium materials using my Patented design.

Also available my state-of-the-art Phonograph cable both in DIN and standard RCA. Utilizing a painstakingly developed active carbon, tungsten, nickel shield that minimally affects the low voltage signal of moving coil cartridges. Additionally a second shield of active woven copper mesh combine to make this cable impervious to any interference.  Delivering stunning analogue playback. RCA to RCA phono cables same price as the above line level RCA cables. DIN to RCA a bit more.

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