Pharaoh+ Cables             

           Grover Huffman Pharaoh+ cables 

 Pharaoh+ cables are extraordinary, IMHO the highest performing IC's available. Constructed of the finest materials, and are guaranteed to provide the highest level of musical satisfaction. The Pharaoh takes my cable design to the highest level of musicality, openness and realism. Developed during 30 years of research and listening. It is my premium cable that will blow away other cables regardless of cost guaranteed.

Please contact me for information and shipping. At or text at 1(818)326-0271

The Pharaoh+ is a cleaner, more open, extended and musical than any other cable I'm aware of.  Pharaoh+ cables the best of the best.

                 Pharaoh+ Prices

Pharaoh phonograph cable

Super low capacitance, triple shielded state of the art. Super refined and clean.

DIN to RCA, RCA to RCA, Balanced DIN to XLR

Email or call for information and prices.

Pharaoh Speaker Cable 

Single speaker cable, $120 per foot pair.

Bi-wire speaker cable, $180 per foot quad pair.

 High performance silver plated alpha copper spades and very Low Mass silver-plated beryllium copper bananas available for $15 each. 

Pharaoh power cables

US power connectors other country power connectors available at different charges.

Call for prices for nonstandard lengths