Power cords

  Power cords      The new standard of performance 

The only Power Cable available utilizing air dielectric, custom pure copper ribbon conductors, and incorporating my passive carbon, tungsten, nickel shield.  Personally selected pure copper connectors. These cables stand alone in AC power cord performance. 

The connector photos are for illustration purposes, not necessarily representative of the actual connectors. All connectors are selected on the basis of sound performance, construction quality must be excellent.  

Pharaoh power cord, the result of 30 years of research and listening.  Includes built in magnetic stabilization.  Heavy 11 gauge. The world's finest power cord or your money back.  All copper ribbons in insulated Teflon air tubes-positive, negative, and ground.  You will be shocked the musical difference the Pharaoh power cord will make. 


Empress power cord similar to the Pharaoh power cord but lesser materials and gauge, still Teflon, less magnetic stabilization.  Great performance 

Ex power cord my budget cord. A special cord for its cost. Still pure copper ribbons in air via my patented design, vinyl chloride tubes no magnetic stabilization.