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I’ve been at this for over 50 years. This being finding music that expresses emotion and having gear that is resolving enough to evoke an emotional response. I traveled extensively for work, giving me an opportunity to audition lots of stuff and I’ve owned a fair amount of relatively  modest kit.  I’ve given away 5 full systems and lots of bits and pieces when I wanted to upgrade. 

Currently running Mojo Audio for streaming, storage and power supply into Exogal Comet out to Clayton M300’s powering Chapman T-77’s. Sometimes I plug in a Schitt Freya for kicks. Have a couple old players; Theta Miles and Resolution Audio Opus. Mostly Tidal and Qubuz theses days. Fourteen GIK panels in a dedicated room with the rig, a chair and a medicine ball. 

A few years ago, I decided to get rid of my hodgepodge of cables and go with one flavor. Gathered IC’s and speaker cables from Audioquest, Nordost, Reality, Anti, SR, Stillnote, and this little boutique outfit, Grover Huffman cables. All in the $350-$1200 range. Had a couple buddies come over to swap the cables in and out and balance sound levels without my knowing what was in play. Hardly an empirical blind process but revealing none the less. I was immediately drawn to the music at one point with what turned out to be Huffman’s. Not close. The rest were given away or put in the reserve box. Which brings me to now. A PC upgrade to JPS Labs Kaptivator’s on the Claytons lead to wanting all the other wires upgraded as well. Didn’t audition anything, just called Grover. IC’s are his newest Pharaoh line and SC’s are Empress+. 

I have to say it’s somewhere between amusing and startling to hear previously masked details or very familiar music sounding unlike I’ve heard. More clarity; palpable texture; ride cymbals with distinct ting, ring, shimmer and decay and that delicious hollow underhang; drums have body and whomp; voices rich with timbre shading and the emotion, the emotion. Things start and stop with authority. Even the most languid tunes have a percolating urgency propelling my expectancy, curiosity and delight. And this is only the beginning. I’ve had three sessions. Eight hours the first night and early morning, 10 hours the next day and night and another 6 last night. It’s good to be retired with a room far removed from bedrooms. I can run levels averaging mid 80dB’s without waking the one. 

I guess I could have made my point by simply saying if you are looking for modesty priced, high performance cable; you may be as thrilled as I am with Grover’s. Give them a try. He’s a good guy with a 60 day return policy. I’m set for a long time. Have decided to defer a speaker upgrade because music through the Chapmans now makes me want to dance like a three year old-if you can move it you ought to shake it and if you don’t fall down every now and then you aren’t putting your soul into it. Be patient, you’re going to wait and it will be worth it  

Hi Grover, I've been hearing music for 50 years and your cables are the best I've got, certainly the cheapest. I bought for instance Cardas Golden Cross or Transparent Reference, technically very good, but I thought they had an unpleasant artificial sound signature.

My last Swiss made Mamba 6 (5000$) where really good and neutral. Your Empress are however better. Bass and mids are quite equal, but highs are richer and smoother at the same time. There is more "air" between performers, more small details in sounds (small noises,  breathings), depth is realistic and for the time I heard sounds completely outside my speakers with so great accuracy, almost beside me. In the end, sound is extraordinary clear. Maybe a fault, because the result is sometime a little cold. But is it due to your cables?

I must add that break in time is very "painfull" : in the beginning, it seems that we guess many promises, after 20 hours, the sound becomes flat and disappointing, after 50hours, things are improving but look quite unexceptional. At 100hours, "the Miracle".... Jean-paul EYSSETTE

If a sucker is born every minute then I am a sucker. I have long belonged to the camp who believes and professes that high-end interconnects, speaker cable and power cables are snake oil and only for those folks with deep pockets, large egos, and low self-esteem would think otherwise. Like most folks, I have read all the lengthy debates, pros and cons, and scientific articles by folks who profess to know or not. I have read all the stuff about blind testing. I have read all the stuff about how these snake oil shamans will not permit their cables to be benchtested.

That was then, this is now.

I have read a lot of good things about Grover Huffman's cables. So for about a year I would periodically call the guy or e-mail him to ask about what I considered outrageous claims via testimonials on his website. And what impact his cables would have in my system, given my preferences. I just had a house built and I asked the electrician to install separate circuits for my stereo. Still, I could not get away from how earnest these folks were in their claims (I got to hate the word holographic) and how even some audio upgraders (Jim Williams of Audio Upgrades being just one), would tell me to do it now and to consider good cables/interconnects a component.

Grover offers a money back guarantee also, so there would be no risk. So I told him what my system looks like, and my hobby, burning vinyl to CD. Then he shocked me some when he suggested the power cable first. $300 is a lot of money to spend on a cable (at least for me), more than I have invested in all of my cables, interconnects and speaker wire, combined. But I really did want to know for myself and I has willing to take Grover up on his offer.

So I got a set of Huffman xlr interconnects to bridge my Whest PS30.R phono preamp to my modified Tascam DV-RA1000HD, and a power cable for the Whest. The signal that is recorded comes from a JA Michell Gyro SE turntable w/ an Ortofon Cadenza Black (MC) cartridge, modded RB-250 tonearm (Cardas wire, counter-weight) with a Pete Riggle VTAF devise under the arm to adjust vertical tracking angle. I am really serious about making the finest LP dubs of music (and my own mini-lps) for when I hit the road camping over the summer and the simple fact that Music Matters 45 RPM jazz records require that I get off of the couch every 10 minutes to flip it over. Sometimes it is nice to simply play an lp dub on my CD player, one that sounds better than a regular CD of the title.

So I recorded several pieces of music with piano, horns, drums, hand claps, sax, guitar, acoustic instruments, etc. with the stock power cable on the phono preamp and then with the GH power cable. I made sure the recording gains on the Tascam for each were identical, or nearly so. All recorded 96kHz/24 bit. I process both sets with ClickRepair set at 5, a low setting. I pull that processed file into Audacity, 32-bit float. I parse the lp into song tracks, perform fade in/out identically between songs, insert names for each track, export them into separate folders within one folder in Redbook format (44.1kHz/16 bit) using a shaped dither algorithm. All identical.

Then I pull paired tracks into Audacity, cued up the tracks at the same spot, played them listening through Grado headphones. I did this over and over again, listening to different parts of tracks, different kinds of music.

I was astonished at the differences. Some not subtle. The recordings with the GH power cord were more detailed, transparent and open. Simple as that. I became a convert. Huffman's power cord is an active device, it has circuitry in addition to just wire and at a minimum emits a powerful magnetic field at the equipment plug end.

So I then take one lp and burn separate CDs from my dubs. My wife and I are traveling into town, I ask her to listen closely to the stereo in our automobile (it is a good one). The lp for this test is Sonny Rollins, Vol. 2, recorded from an Analogue Productions 45 RPM record. Now as background, my wife is a stage 4B cancer survivor who has lost some hearing and has mild tinnitus. Immediately, she says, "That one has a better top end, it is clearer, cleaner, brighter, making the other version sound muffled slightly." Game over.

The difference can be just subtle, you have to listen carefully to most things. But I hear it distinctly in the tonal dynamics, space around instruments, distinction between voices, and overall detail. Is it worth the cost? To me yes, but to others, maybe not.

Every post until this one parroted what I would have advised until this week. I have crossed the river Jordan, I must be a gullible fool. But I like what I hear. Tetonbound

Hi Grover, Here’s some general feedback from my use of your products over the past five years. I'm almost fully Groverized now, including your interconnect, speaker wire, and phono and digital cables. My last step is getting your power cable onto my turntable, as my amp and DAC run on battery.  

    The core of your achievement is unprecedented coherence. This allows music to come through with remarkable immediacy and realism. Resolution and spatial presentation are both obviously improved. Your tone is neutral and natural; and a certain crystallinity in the highs somehow relieves the distortion we still endure from most digital sources. 

    You are right: cables are critically important to the audible result. When I first plugged your digital cable into my video box, I was watching a medieval drama that featured arrivals and departures on horseback. Each hoof beat was suddenly transformed from a dull thud to a fully articulated progression: with plosive attack, development and decay. Not a subtle difference! Putting your phono cable on my turntable (along with the tonearm rewire you recommended) has similarly brought dramatic gains in clarity and presence to my vinyl listening. 

    For awhile I messed around with a second system comprised of euphonic budget components. After a few months of shuttling cables around between my two systems, it became clear that the cheaper and older gear was enjoyable and engaging when connected with your wire, but seldom worth listening to without it. 

    Many audiophiles must roll their eyes at your claim that cables are the most important link in the equipment chain. And at first I just assumed you were a proud papa :)  But my experience with your products bears out your view.  For sheer vitality and enjoyment, the component's pedigree doesn’t seem to matter very much: whatever gets Groverized comes to life.

Viva Grover!    Peter Copping


Grover, I hate you :). The cables are settling in and I am dumbfounded.  The bass is tuneful and tight and the upper registers are both detailed and warm - and we're only at about 48 hours.  The XLRs do sound better than the single ended, but part of that may be that I'm getting a few dbs more at the same volume settings giving the amps more headroom. George D   


Hi Grover,  Many thanks for AES/EBU cable. This cable used in combination with your power cord, is connected to my Auralic Vega DAC.  The sound quality of my system has never been better.  The combination of the two cables means that I can clearly hear both improved high frequencies, including tape hiss on CDs,  and bass at lower frequencies.  Until now, I didn't know this range was possible with my electronics and speakers.

   The cable took a while to break in, but I think it's done after three weeks of use.  It started out very forward, then a little dull, and once opening up settled in very nicely with a large sound stage in a 3 dimensional presentation that I have not heard before in any system.

   These DACs are surprisingly finicky things, and cables make a huge difference in the quality of the sound.  I don’t know why, but I'll take it.

 Anyway, I am very pleased with my purchases, just terrific.  You have my gratitude.

    Larry Mitchell

Grover I tried to wait a while to write this but I just couldn't. Your cables are amazing. Simply fantastic. I barely have an hour on them so far and already I am hearing things in recordings that I was never able to with any other cables.

Had I known your cables would have this much of an effect on my sound I would have ordered a long time ago. This isn't just a minor change I am hearing; its drastic. I would equate the difference with a full gear swap.

Everything sounds so natural. Almost as if I am a attending the recording itself. Simply incredible job. I will definitely be ordering again.  Thanks so much,                               Sincerely, Steven Zaiontz

 Hi Grover, Dave Bowser here. Loving the interconnects. I've owned cardas,

Jps, alpha core, analysis plus, kimber kable, and tara as well as some surprising occ

copper ones by outlaw audio and decware silvers. Quite a search over the last 37 yrs.

Oh well... You live, You learn.

   Here's what i have learned recently: to my ears- in my room- on my system- you're

cables are the best.

  Thanks again for providing such an outstanding product at such reasonable prices.

Sincerely, C. David Bowser

  Hi Grover! Got the cables yesterday...fired them up and I still have not picked my jaw up from the floor. Listening to Otmar Liebert's first album..and the instruments stand out with extraordinary clarity...the cables seem to lower the noise floor even more..the sound emanates from deep black space...there is a visceral feel to the touch of hands on the skin of bongos, guitar strings...the sound is everywhere and all encompassing. The listening experience is truly transformative. How can I thank you my friend? Tremendous musicality...these cables don't just carry a signal...they are like black holes that lead one to another space in time and dimension. I'm in the Twilight Zone, in a concert hall, on a Caribbean island all at once...truly amazing. I admire your gift. These cables were worth the wait!  Richard Cordery

Hi Grover,  I have been using your balanced interconnects since you were so kind to make them so quickly and ship them so that I would get them before my meeting of the Sarasota Audiophile Society. Thank you for your cooperation and sense of urgency, two things sadly lacking with many people, but something which I value highly.

These are the smoothest and yet most detailed interconnects that I have ever had in my system. My friend, BSEE and former recording engineer Alan Hendler (his credits include the Buddy Miles album "Them Changes") bought them and suggested I do likewise. Well, I am so very glad that I did!

Some of my gear includes an Esoteric K-05 CD/2-CHANNEL SACD player, VAC Signature Mk II pre-amp, and VAC Phi 200 monoblock power amps, all fully balanced and wired with your balanced interconnects. My Hyperion Soundesign HPS-968 loudspeakers will soon be replaced by the Polymer Audio Research MKS-X's, an extreme 4-way version of Polymer Audio Research's MKS loudspeaker. (Go to Polymeraudio.Com for further details.)

This speaker uses customized versions of both the Accuton diamond tweeter and Accuton diamond mid-range, a customized Per Skanning mid-bass driver, and two customized ScanSpeak Illuminator woofers. It is machined out of solid blocks of proprietary metal alloy, with rigidity 4X that of Magico. It is being built for me even as I write this (except at night of course).

If Polymer Audio weren't building for me a custom pure-silver wire speaker cable, I would strongly consider buying your speaker cables. 99.9999% pure-silver being his material of choice, Daniel Khesin, CEO and chief designer of Polymer Audio Research, uses only pure-silver wiring for all of his speakers' internal wiring, including the hand-wound inductors. The build quality is impeccable!

Of course, the downside to all this is the expense (about $30K in parts and materials - $3k per tweeter, $6K per mid-range), which is why his MKS-X's retail for $60K per pair! But compared to all the other high-end speakers on the market, for the performance it offers, this is actually not as outrageous as it seems.

Arguably, Daniel Khesin wants to build the best overall speaker system in the world, one that sounds more like live music than any other speaker system - a statement product if ever there was one. I'll let you know if he succeeds. In the meantime, I will heartily recommend your interconnects.

"Musically" Yours, Jeff Cantor, President

The Sarasota Audiophile Society


 Hi Grover, My sincere apologies for the long delay in getting back to you with my impressions on the ICs.  I ran into some problems right after install of the ICs, with a loud 60Hz hum coming out of my speakers. Swapping back to my usual ICs confirmed that the problem was not the ICs but an equipment issue somewhere.  It took me some time to get to the root of this problem.  It turns out my Lightspeed volume attenuator had decided this was the time to die…  Once I got that problem resolved and got your ICs hooked up with my line amp in place of the volume attenuator, I was finally able to start listening to the ICs to see how they perform in my system. 

To say my jaw hit the floor would be an understatement!  The sound is so lifelike it’s almost scary.  Gone is any trace of digital haze or any hint that one is listening to a stereo system reproducing sound.  All that remains is just beautiful glorious music like the instrumentalists and singers are standing right in my living room.  All the usual audiophile descriptors like soundstage, detail retrieval, pinpoint imaging, better reproduction of frequency extremes are all there in spades.  However, the most amazing thing about these cables is that when I’m listening to the system with them in place, I no longer care about/feel the need to pay attention to any of these descriptors.  I am simply emotionally swept away in the beauty of the musical performance that is taking place. 

I never thought I would reach a point I could say this, but these are the last ICs I will ever need to buy. I cannot believe that any interconnect out there could further improve the sound from my system in any way.  Perhaps it would sound different, but I do not believe it could sound any more musical than it does right now.  Thanks so much for making such a phenomenal product at such a reasonable price.  Your cables should be at the very top of everyone’s list of must-hear items! Best regards,Chris  


Hi Grover,

Just wanted to provide you some great feedback on the latest iteration of your ZX+ balanced interconnects.  They now have a good 150+ hours on them, and they sound amazing, everything in my system sounds more coherent.  The power-cords, which I was going to place on my power amp, ended up powering my PS Audio Power Plant premiere, and my Sonic Frontiers Line 2SE+ pre.  On the pre it out-performed an MIT Oracle ZIII (which in itself is a great cord).

  Thanks, Lou Walters


Hi Grover,

I've been using the Zx edition of your interconnect for about a month. It's just unbelievably good: ultra-coherent, balanced, open, effortless and natural. 

   Zx is a major improvement over your prior Sx edition, which was already very satisfying. For example, two runs of Zx through a fine switchbox sound substantially better than a single run of Sx direct from source to amp. I'm grateful for the upgrade path, and thank you for converting my Sx to Zx. 

   The current edition sees imaging further refined. Dynamics are almost shocking. And a new smoothness brings sweet relief to the etched character of digital sound: not only without reducing resolution, but while actually increasing it. Are you an audio designer or an alchemist?

   What grabs me most about Zx is its astonishing coherence. This is not about mincing audiophile preference, but powerful, unmistakable realism. On a single run direct from DAC to amp, the best word to describe the sound is electrifying: on rock, classical, folk, jazz, or you-name-it. The vital pulse of music seems to pour directly into my body, filling it with energy. 

   I have no idea how you are doing this, Grover. But don't stop. You are changing this world. Peter C.


Grover this is just ridiculous. Oh I've heard differences between cables before, some that I subjectively enjoyed over others, but this is ridiculous. Now that the cables have settled in, which didn't take long, I'm having a, "Once upon a time," "Y'all not gonna believe this stuff," "Dear Penthouse," experience. If you choose, individual performance factors can be considered such as timbre, tone, pace, soundstage, bandwidth, air and the like, but not for long. The music will just keep getting in the way. Yeah I'm hearing things previously unheard, understanding lyrics that have been garbled til now, but the music gets in the way of paying too much attention to that stuff. It's just there. Music beyond and above my speakers with clear 3D location cues. But how it comes together has me tapping my feet, chair dancing, getting up and lumbering around the room dancing like never before. But how does a piece of wire reveal more emotion, touch some bundle of neurons deep in our skull, and tell us, "Listen, this is music." So Santa has my wish list for Grover's interconnects and power cords, but I haven't been very good this year. But I'll start behaving now. Chris H


 Hi, I tried a set of the interconnects and I am impressed. I'm selling my old ones that cost 10x as much. Thanks, Ryan S


Hello Grover,

 I received your 'letter' last week and took the immediate chance for a non-stop burn in period,

so the interconnects should have clocked nearly 200 hours in the mean time.

Sounds significantly more than I'm used to: Music has a very, very natural flow besides other enhancements (articulation, depth, air, ...).

Without doubt, this interconnection cables are fine pieces of audio engineering and remarkable improvement in my hifi.

 Thank you very much!  Hartwig (Austria)


Hi Grover,

 Got the cables this morning and I have to say it was well with the wait. The new RCA's are the best I've heard. I have some Synergistic Research Apex that I'm going to be selling.

   Do you feel your cables get better with time and to what degree?

 Thanks again, Grover - I'm very very impressed.

 John M (Santa Barbara)



 I received my interconnects about two hours ago in the mail, and I have been listening ever since. All I can say for now is that I am speechless. They were simply fantastic right out of the mailing envelope! I am sure they will even get better over time. I am impressed how they don't seem to favor any specific frequency range as some other

interconnects do- they deliver great bass, great highs, and the mid-range frequencies are absolutely rock solid. When I decide to replace any of my other cables, I will replace them with yours!

Thank you!, Andrew J. H.

P.S. I assume they are not directional since I didn't see to find any


Hi Grover, I wanted to give you some feedback on the interconnects. The build quality is excellent and the MPS RCA connectors are really nice. I replaced a set of Acoustic Zen WOW interconnect from my Modwright LS 100 line stage to my Odyssey Stratos Plus amplifier with your IC's. I let the system warm up a bit and was listening for a couple of hours to CD's when I put on Mark Knopfler's Kill To Get Crimson. All of a sudden, I noticed nuances and details that I never heard before. At times, I thought I heard sounds coming from another room or outside my window but it was the details and imaging that were playing on my system. When listening to tunes like Punish The Monkey, Behind With The Rent and In The Sky, my system never sounded so good!

I did not read any of the testimonials on your website until after my listening session. Guess what, I agree with what everyone else is saying. Thanks again for the quick service and great product.

Now I am thinking about trying one of your power cords for my LS 100. I can understand how interconnects can affect/alter the sound, but I am a bit skeptical about power cords and how they can influence the sound of a component. Please let me know your thoughts on this. Have a Happy New Year, Bob D

 Hey Grover!

 For my fortune Brazilian customs decided to hold importation in order to keep the import and export balanced. Plus the Brazilian postmen have been slowing down the delivery service demanding for better salary...

That's why tracking number is mandatory. It's easy to have a pack left behind...

Anyway... I've hooked the cable as you've recommended and left it burning 24-7 before any critical analysis.

On Sunday the burning process completed more than 100 hours and I've decided to give a try.

My set is composed by: Technics SL-5310 without the automatic parts, with SR3 external PSU from Paul Hynes, Audioquest/Jelco PT-9 tonearm, Nagaoka MP-11, JE Labs Full Function Preamp, MacBook Pro 15" + HiFace, Buffalo I DIY DAC from Twisted Pear Audio and Exaudi Integrated amp A510HE (Mr. Salvatore is a close friend and co-founder of the Brazilian audio company Gradiente - he is the guy who bought the Garrard) moded with estade-of-art capacitors. I've built my loudspeakers using MJK quarter-wave resonator program as a clone of the Small Thor project from Scottmoose and Planet10 from DIYAudio forum. I've simulated the Small Thor cabinet with a Brazilian mid-woofer called Akron KB-6 and Hiquophon OW-4. The x-over is a 4th order Linkwitz-Riley with jenzen and mundorf high-grade parts.

As you can see I'm a DIYer by nature.

As IC cable I've been using Nordost Heimdall with Eichmann copper RCA plugs. I like this cable but I had to use the Eichmann plug in order to bring more balance in the middle region and highs.

Well... What to say about your cable... it's exterminated the heimdall... I mean it! Your cable is better under all aspects. It is more equilibrate in all audible range. It is faster. It has awesome transients. It is dynamics. Present easily all details. It has a huge and deep sound stage without loosing the intimacy when needed.

I usually use the Ultimate Demonstration disc from Chesky to evaluate audio equipments and for the first time I thought that Leny Andrade was in my room! Other point that I've liked a lot is the impact of the drummer as well the cymbals' body from the Monty Alexander's track. That was real! I've felt the impact in my stomach!

I haven't evaluated the bass response yet.

But I got tell you that now I'm obsessed for finding a weak point in your cable! It should have one! ;)

I'll let you know whether I find it.

Please feel free to drop me a note if you have any doubt regarding my comments above.

All the best,



Hi Grover,

 Just a quick note to let you know how much I am enjoying the analog ICs....they are nothing short of spectacular!

    I have used them with my Scheu Premier/EAR834/Hadcock tonearm/Ortofon 2M Blue and the combo is so life-like as to be spooky!

    I just inserted them into my Technics 1210m5g/Jolida JD-9/Dynavector 10X5 set-up last night and the results are superb!  This combo sounds nearly as good as the unipivot Hadcock on the Scheu (I think unipivot arms RULE).  I am most impressed with the ICs and the Genesis RCAs are really special!

   I may have to order another set for someone to give me at Christmas :)

   I'll be in touch...

 Again, thanks for a superior product......no ICs can come close to yours and I've had A LOT of them come through here, believe me! Best, Steve


Hi, My name is Koushik and i'm from India. Your interconnects & speaker cables performance are just jaw dropping!!! I have listened at my friends palce and i'm intrested for the following:

a) XLR Pairs - 1.5 mt, Quantity - 1

b) XLR pairs - 1 mt, Quantity - 1

c) RCA pairs - 1 mt, Quantity - 1

d) Speaker cables - High performance Silver-plated alpha copper spades , 9 feet, Quantity - 2

   I have a Musical fidelity AMS 50 and the pre-amp is MF primo. Turnatble - Thorens TD 20 and a bryston cd player. Speakers are Thiel 3.7

 Let me know if you can send these cables to India?

Thanks, Koushik



 the cables arrived in the mail late this afternoon. i hooked up the interconnects and have them burning in for a little while......

 i immediately hooked up the power cord to my amp and the results were instant. with no burn in time and no tube warm up time i immediately heard a significant difference. (my amp power cord must have sucked? c.p.c.c. brand). it is really fantastic. i plan on ordering another power cord this week (i sold a couple of lps) and another set of interconnects...... then i will probably wait for a little while and order a couple more cables in the spring (and maybe start to get serious about new tubes for my amp).....

  anyway, the sound is really fantastic. i can't wait to get another power cord for the cd player. the next set of interconnects i plan to use hooking up portable recorders etc. with my recording equipment.

many thanks...... they look great too,     mike


Hi again!

Your cables arrived safely 2 dags ago  and was immediately thrown into action.If the ICs  wasn´t "cooked"  before shipping I must say they sounded nothing short of fabulous right from the start.The massive increase in transparancy compared to my Wireworld Eqiunox 6  was the first thing that struck me,your cables seem to let all information through without adding or substracting anything .The improved clarity,imaging,detail retrieving  and focus also benefitted soundstage which now is clearly better defined in depth making me able to pick up virtual distances between different players on good recordings.Transients are ultrafast.The treble is extended ,but absolutely cleen.No hint of sibilance.Bass is tight and deep.If  further burn-in will improve on this,I will be totally amazed. So impressed in fact,that I will like to order a new pair of the samme RCA-interconnects in exactly the same length (0,7m) for my secondary system.

 203 dollars as last time to your PayPal account ?

Best regards



Hello Grover, just a follow-up on your IC’s with the Genesis RCA with much more hours on them ? AWESOME!!? They have substance, are detailed with excellent extension at both ends, smooth and so musical…Congrats my friend, well done!! Cheers, Dan Hi Grover,  Prior to installing your cable, I took the Silver Streaks off, cleaned the contacts and re-seated the Silver Streaks. Then I listened to them for a while. As you know, many people hear an immediate difference (for the better) just because the removal of the original cable and the seating of the new cable, will clean their dirty contacts; I wanted an even competition.  There was no competition. Your cable, fresh out of the envelope, wiped out the Silver Streak and it was not subtle. I really did not expect that to happen. It is a joy knowing they will just keep getting better and better (and knowing they will soon be joined by their brethren).  Thank you, Charles

Hello sir,I have heard the glorious tales of your magical interconnect cables and would like to order a pair.

When you have a chance, please let me know how we can arrange.

Thanks very much and enjoy the rest of your weekend.




Just wanted you to know that your latest IC vastly outperformed the $3,700 JPS Labs Aluminata 1m RCA Analogue that an Audiogon acquaintance sent me to try. 

Your cable was open, dynamic, with terrific detail and wonderful sound stage; whereas the JPS was detailed yet opaque, as if there was a curtain -- a heavy one - between the speaker and  the listener. 

This was true on two different systems, one with top of the line Apogees, and terrific electronics, the other on my Dynaudio Confidence One/McIntosh/Lampizator system.

Laurence from Santa Barbara


Hi Grover,  Your cables are quite simply fantastic - easily the best I have heard - and quite a lot better than my Acoustic System Liveline (which I love). I took them (interconnects) along to the audition on Saturday where they sounded superb - and they were up against an expensive interconnect around $2000.   

Consequently now - I would like to order two 1.2 meter (4ft) power cables with the Furutech Rhodium plugs (Fl-1363 UK 13 Amp) and Furutech IEC (UK) Connectors (Furutech FI 28 Rhodium IEC Connector or whichever you recommend).   Kind regards Simon, (UK)   


Hi Grover, I hooked them (power cable) up Friday night and they sounded great right away. Sunday night after 48 hr burn in they seemed to lock in and image to a much greater degree. The cable is much more transparent than the Cardas Golden Ref I was using. Thank-you for making such musical products which seem to make every record better always. I 'm off to listen more. Barry Ruhonis

 Grover,The cable still seems to be improving. The sound stage image has become larger and everything about my system is more natural and less forced. Feel free to use my comments. Thanks again. Barry Ruhonis

 Hi Grover,

  Okay the XLRs now have 100+ hours on them, they have opened right up, and are an amazing cable.   I think I will need to save some cash and get another 1 meter for my phono to replace the older generation XLR cable - these new ones are that good.  The phono lead coming off of my tone arm is continually improving, but has already out performed the Van Den Hull cable that is stock with the SME 4 tonearm.  I listened last night to Foo Fighters Echos, Silence, Patience, and Grace on LP, and was blown away at the dynamics.  Unfortunately, for me I have your newest XLR between my DAC and pre amp, and there it sounds wonderful.  Probably one of the best sounding interconnects in my system. 

  At the 100 h mark these cables really do open up.  They are fast, articulate, very detailed, the resolution just gushes, but without any grain or brightness.  I like them very much!  And I consider myself lucky to have this level of cabling in my system, for a fraction of the price of the big names. 

  Take Care Grover, I will be placing another order in the not-too-distant future -

Kind Regards,  Lou Walters

 Hi Grover,

 My IC(RCA) has been playing music for about 96 hours now. In the past few hours, the flow of musical information feels totally unobstructed and unmodulated. I have an image of water falling through a three-foot pipe instead of being squeezed through a tiny plastic tube. I wonder if that's related to the air suspension. Also curious about which frequencies go through which metals.

 I'm noticing a big improvement in spatial presentation, which I think you mention on your website. 

Subjectively, I'm a bit shocked today. The music isn't confrontative in any way, but it's so much more immediate and at the same time neutral. So the volume knob goes down a bit in any given situation... while I adjust!....


 After 200 hours I feel my IC are delivering more purity of tone and fuller bloom. I was a bit concerned about those values at 100 hours, but now everything just sounds REALLY GREAT....


 My IC's have been running 24/7 for two weeks now and I swear that resolution and tone keep improving. Am I imagining this or has that also been your experience? I'm really surprised at the impact on imaging; it's like getting a new crossover or driver or something. Never imagined interconnect could do that.

Thanks for the outstanding wire. I'm spreading the word as I can. Peter Copping


Hi Grover,

Just to let you know that the Y (balanced) cables you made me are sounding terrific, rich, holographic and delicate. Good and tight bass and smooth highs. I´m very satisfied and maybe in the next future I´ll consider to buy you some other cables for speakers or power cords although I´m using very powerful class D amplifiers (Spectron) and I don´t know if you make power cables for this kind of amps.(yes I do)

Best regards, Juan (from Spain)

Dear Grover,

  Thank you. I got them(3-1meter RCA pairs) on Friday and gave them a few days

to break in. 

   Unbelievable! So much detail, accuracy, speed. My system never sounded 

this good and exceeded my most daring expectations.

  Thank you for such a great product!

 Regards, Dmitri Alexeev

   Yes it is Grover(power cord with US connectors) - by the way, I recommended you to a friend and he has your speaker cable and interconnects as well. I borrowed his(Grover) PC and it is sensational. Bettering my Shunyata and Isoclean top of the range. More dynamic but not harsh. He mentioned that he will order another cable from you next few weeks.

 Cheers and all the best.



 Hi Grover,  I am so pleased, all I can do is go listen for several hours more, and you have a big part in that with your excellent sounding family of cables. The sound just breaks through in all it's glory, 3D , space around performers, lots of ambient information, and the bass, it’s clean and taught, and all of this at low volume levels, female vocals are spot on and immediate. All this and my new speaker stand project too. I've been having a great time tonight. I've been spreading the word about your cables. One of my friends recently bought a Ballanced 3.3 M pair from you, here in Greensboro. I have a few more orders to place before I'm through. Thanks for your great products,

Regards, Steve Spillman


Hi Grover,

Just replaced the Kaplan rhodium HE(powercord) with your rhodium reference on my DVD player after 48 hrs of run-in on the freezer.  It's just simply in a completely different class.... not even on the same playing field....!  Seems four of your reference cables(powercords) all playing together has just clicked.... its amazing..... can you say clear and DYNAMIC....!!!   Thats the biggest impression.... the dynamics are amazing.... talk about hard hitting and exciting.... just like live music.

Thanks Grove, Mark

 Hi Grover

I've been listening to your power cable for a few days now (Plugged into my Preamp) and am having trouble gaining its measure, as it seems to be doing things i never expected & don't know if they are possible, yet that's what i am hearing Grover.

Either I'm nuts or you've woven some special magic into this power cord. The overall sound is more detailed than my present reference cables (Nice fella makes these so i will not name the cables in question) which i thought extremely good, but I'm now having to rethink that as your cable simply blows them away in all areas.

Stronger bass, more room filling wrap around sound that seems to completely fill the room top to bottom and stretches the walls side and back as well.

The background is blacker, the tone of piano and other instruments seems much more realistic and i can hear the notes forming within the instruments themselves it seems and emanating outward from their, but the thing that is most startling to me and i am having trouble figuring out is that it seems to have removed the digititus  which makes extended listening an effort. I have been able to enjoy very extended periods of listening with no listener fatigue whatsoever. I ask myself "How can this be?"

To say i am impressed is to put it mildly, I'm shocked by its wonderful overall performance and in the new year hoping to purchase 2 more cables from you as money becomes available. Damn Canadian winters gobble up finances at a rapid rate. Grumble, grumble!

Anyway Grover you've outdone yourself here once again. Keep up the good work as your definitely onto something special here.

Warmest regards    Larry :-)


Hey Grover,

 I got the cables in and I am BLOWN AWAY with the sound of my system

now. I listed my $1000 Kimber KCAG IC's on Ebay after 1 hour of

listening to your cables. I cannot believe the way music now sounds. On

some recordings it is like I am listening to them for the 1st time. I

can hear things that were never present in the recordings. I am a big

vinyl fan and now I can enjoy my CD's without the harsh (in your face)

sound some CD's presented.

 It would be cool if you used clear loom so that the wire is visible. I

wish I could see what is inside. The pictures on your site are not the

best and people like me that have to know how things work would satisfy

their interest. No big deal, the sound is what really matters.


THANKS SO MUCH!  Michael Carubba

 Grover, after extensive auditioning I have to tell, you are the man!

Your cables are stay with me for good. They were audibly better than

liveline cables in my rig. And liveline cables end-up in my house

after long list of harmonic technology, acoustic zen absolute,

analysis plus and on top stealth cables that I thought were one of the

best. So your cables price/sound/flexibility bit them all. What can I

say. God bless you for your product and prices.


Huge thank you. Greg Shoykhet


 Hi Grover

Well i now have a 100 hours of break in on your new IC's & i have a word for them...SPECTACULAR!

I had no idea the improvement i was about to hear. Every parameter has been improved and by a large margin. The density of sound is the first thing that jumped out at me, followed by the detail and clarity of the presentation as a whole. Floor to ceiling, wall to wall & beyond the stage is set with the corners to the rear fully illuminated as well. The sound now raps around the room and totally envelops you. The location of the instruments and people is something to behold and the darkness of the background allows each to enjoy their own space and to sparkle in their presentations.

The sound has moved forward of my speakers while still retaining the depth that adds so much to the music played. The clarity is such that distortion is totally absent and you can crank up the volume to levels never before reached without a painful wincing of  the ears. No such thing now as it remains clear and every so easy on the ears one must be careful to not overdue the volume levels used.

I would never in a million years have believed my system could gain such effortless musicality and enjoyment by a simple interconnect change. Astounding!

Thank you so much for treating me to this new found enjoyment of a system i thought i had already tweaked to its fullest measure. Your new IC's simply steamroll your past efforts and i would encourage anyone to take advantage of your generous upgrade pricing to do so.


Larry Minicola


Hello, Grover:

I am extremely happy with how my system now sounds. I no longer am

listening to wires, components, tubes, etc. but to the music.

Everything is "just there."

You sure know what you're doing!

Thank you very much.

Kind regards,

Paul Sanders



 WOW!!! I never thought in my wildest dreams that this (phono) cable would be such an improvement, (right out of the box, err...mailer). I have maybe 3 to 4 hours on it so far and have already noticed some improvement in that amount of time!

 There aren't enough words available in my head to describe properly all of the positive attributes I've heard. I love the fact that all of this comes from a company that as far as I know, doesn't advertise, offers products at real world pricing and beats the pants off its competitors in all aspects. I was going to wait a week before I responded, but couldn't hold back my enthusiasm!

 All I can think of now is, what would one of your power cables sound like on my EAR 834P or what kind of improvement would I hear by replacing my Kimber 8TC for your speaker cable?

 Can I buy stock in Grover Huffman Cable?

 Regards, Steve



  My friend Keith is revamping his system right now and pulled his new "Grover Sx" interconnects out and brought them over to my place to loan me for a short time while he's building a new pre-amp for himself. Keith has helped me through the years put together and tweak my sound system. I currently have a 1m pair of some form of kimber cable (600 dollars retail). i've been very happy with the sound for a couple of years now. and have had trouble with a hard/harsh high end in the past. so basically I wasn't in the market for anything new with interconnects.  but Keith insisted that I check your cables out. 

  Anyway i was really blown away with your interconnects right off. everything.......the full frequency spectrum sounded better. The high end is what really surprised me. because any high end improvement has always seemed to add a very hard/harsh sound into the mix. but that didn't happen with your cables at all. I'm so impressed with being able to follow the sustain out clearly on acoustic instruments (all frequencies). etc. i could go on. but i'm really quite thrilled.

Great Stuff, Thanks,  Mike Johnston


Hello Grover,

  I received my new SX's in the mail yesterday and installed them right away, right off the mark, no need to even back away to the 'sweet spot'; a relaxed sound crouched down between my speakers, and that's with just one cable sub'd in. I then sub'd in the XLR cable between the power amp and pre and played a SACD that to me is not right, an ISOMIKE SACD and hit play to see if these new cables could smarten up the grain from this SACD. Yep, then I looked at the XLR as the difference was so much, it's an 'S' cable, not an 'SC' as I thought it was.

  Next I played an ISOTEK break-in CD for an hour and then brought out my best source, 15ips reel to reel tape.

  I listened to a reel to reel live recording I made 30 years ago... OMG... holographic sound stage like I've never heard before, I had listened to most of the first song with my jaw agape, never ever have I heard a sound stage like this Grover, the sound I can only describe as sparkling, or the feeling of sweet if sound can be described as a taste, so clear, so 'you are there'. Pipe organ treble has tighten in focus and seems louder and the low pipe organ notes have tighten and are more distinct as well. What a revelation!! And this is in the first few hours of listening.

  Grover, you said; "I'll be pleased" with these new SX cables.  Grover, this is a major understatement! Two cables have stepped up my entire sound system to such an extent!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

  Best regards, Sean Aughey


 Hi Grover,

I've been testing (double blind) your cables against some other brands and the results are impressive: in my system, yours surpass some $1000 designs from some well known makers (I will not disclose the brands 'cos some are friends from when I was working as import sales agent).

Now I'm eager to listen to an all-Grover cabled system, so I transferred you the money...Best regards, Carles L., Madrid, Spain



Thank you for the demo  power cable Grover.

 I compared it to Virtual Dynamics and Shunyata. Clearly and easily

bested the Shunyata. Closer was the VD, but after long listening, I

feel like your increased clarity and air is more accurate than the

increased bottom-end of the VD.

 Thus, I would like to order two PCs from ya.  William Childress


"I just installed a pair of Grover interconnects between my CI audio dac and Odyssey Candela Pre, I've got about 50 hours + of time on them.  These replaced a pair of audio metallurgy GA-2's.  The first characteristics that jumped out at me as I burned in the Grovers was that they were significantly quieter than the Audio Metallurgy's especially in the upper frequencies while allowing more definition in the upper frequencies.  I always thought the Audio Metallurgy's were a bit harsh in the upper frequencies and the Grovers took care of that from the start.  As the cables burned in (36 hours) using the ISOTEK CD enhancer, the upper frequencies became even more defined and beautiful sounding through my Odyssey Lorelei speakers.  Musical instruments are better defined than ever before and a lot of "air" around vocalists.  Bass is deep and well defined.  Good front to back and side to side sound staging.  Imaging is better than ever.  My wife sat down last night to listen with me and her comment was things sound "more together" and altogether better.  I think she was describing the better imaging qualities of the Grover Cables.  Anyway for $200.00  per 1 M pair with a 60 day return policy I recommend these cables to anyone looking to upgrade a DH labs silver sonic or audio metallurgy GA 2 class of cable." Martin R

"Couldn't resist putting in all 4 pairs of your IC cables so it's 100% Grover Huffman cabling from transport to speakers, I'm really pleased with what I'm hearing.  The bass seems as good as before, the midrange has a touch more purity and the high end is more extended and crystal clear.  The standards of upright bass, acoustic guitar, piano, female voice, and cymbals and shimmering percussion all pass with flying colors.  Piano in particular is improved and sounds very convincing, which is rare in my experience with solid state amps...and now sounds the best I've ever heard from any system in my home"        Paul Pearah 

"Just got your IC's the other day and am immediately impressed - fascinating level of unforced detail causing me to stay up late listening to everything I own. Very articulate, very engaging. Amazing for the price, perhaps amazing in absolute terms (need more than 2 days to label them 'the best'). I love your rca's -- good tight fit, low mass -- they inspire confidence. I doubt you'll be getting these back. In fact, I suspect a speaker cable purchase in the not-too-distant future...

 Thank you! Really, thank you." Lenny Friedland


"I ordered several interconnects last week and to say the least I am amazed just how good they are.  I have been in audio for over 35 years and have heard and used many of the cables out there, up to $2000 and I believe that yours are not only one of the best values but one of the best sounding."  Larry H.

"Your Cables are Fantastic Thank you!‏"  Steve Moore.

 "I recently got a set ... from Grover and they simply have to be heard to be believed -- they're that good".  - jpr703 (Head-Fi).

 "It's simply amazing ... More depth, the vocals sound more real, better sound stage, great high end right out of the box (or padded envelope, actually). I love 'em!"

- Gary P.

 "This is just incredible performance! Effortless playback, extremely neutral, yet very musical.  The Usher speakers love these IC's as well, as they are very lively, neutral and detailed speakers.You're gonna have to work very hard to top this my friend! Wish these IC's could get reviewed in Absolute Sound and Stereophile. Those jaded writers would be in awe!" - Robert Shatzer.

  "The speaker cables are phenomenal !  best I have heard !  You really did your homework my friend...  thanks for a fantastic and absolutely amazing product !" Regards, Fernando

 "got the cables and I'm floored by the impact the Power Cables's have already, after 24 hours on my Spectronmonoblock amps - amazing "opening up" of what was a pretty good sound already, replacing more expensive Granite audio silver 10awg's! Thanks for a great product."  Steve W.

 "I have had a chance to try the phono cables on a number of records. First, was the Live in Gdansk LP that David Gilmour(Pink Floyd guitarist) released from his 2006 tour. The CD is the best sounding live disc I have everheard. I also have the five LP version. On a number of songs on the LP's,the percussion and particularly symbols was more defined, clearer...just plain more accurate and realistic! Again, as with the addition of the (Grover)speaker cables...bigger soundstage. I grabbed my old 1977 release of Rumors by Fleetwood Mac, qued up "Go Your Own Way" which begins with Mick Fleetwood thumping on the drums and it sounded like I could hear him playing about six feet behind the speakers...amazing. The speaker cable improvement was immediate. My Martin-Logan Summits are very difficult to place. Its easy if there is only one seat dead center, but trying to get a good soundstage for two chairs on the listening wall even though they are only 18" apart is tough...always seems like a bit more volume from the speaker in front of the chair I'm sitting in. With your cables, however the sound became more balanced and deeper making it much easier to place instruments. I really was trying to be a skeptic, but I couldn't ignore what I was hearing....The mids and lower highs have really smoothed up nicely and I'm very, very pleased. Guess I'll have to give some serious thought to replacing my RCA interconnects now.

As I said before, I am not given to tweaking. I have tried to put together the best system I can afford, and I believed I had done that with the Audioquest cables. When I make a change I want there to be a difference, but am often disappointed. With your cables, I don't see how anyone can argue the need to spend thousands on some "high end" brand. Most of what these people are paying for is R & D costs, advertising expenses and markup

to offset low sales volume. The quality of the products you have managed to produce at the amount you are charging is really impressive!" Thanks again, Steve B.

"Well, I have spent a little time listening to your IC's..... and you are right, they are exceptional.  I have had about half a dozen different cables in my system over the past couple of years and these are easily the clearest and most accurate.  They are in a different league to the anti's which lose significant information in comparison and sound bandwidth limited... not to mention undue glare on some material.  Your cables seem to have the ability to transmit the tiny nuances that just make the music sound more real and alive.... it makes all the difference.  The best previous set I have owned were Solitone X line which retail for around a grand a pair and these have been favorably compared to the Stealth Indra in some systems.  I don't have the Solitones any more, but from memory, I believe your IC's are better with a more open feel and slightly less fog.  You are justified in feeling proud of your creation....!

So, I guess you won't be receiving the IC's back under your valued trial period.... many thanks Grover, I truly appreciate your expertize." All the best for now, Mark O.

 "I don't know how power cords make a difference, but for some reason they do even with my dedicated lines and running springs power conditioner. I have made some comparisons between the Grover, Audience Powerchord, TG Audio 688, and Wasatch Cable Works (split off from Kimber Kable). I love the Audience on CD players as it significantly broadens the soundstage and improves definition, but on the Modwright LS36.5 preamp it made everything sound etched and less musical. The TG Audio gives extra zip to power amps, but didn't have much impact on the preamp. The Wasatch Cable PC is very good on the preamp offering up a very balanced sound, but by far the Grover is my favorite on the preamp because of the extra life it breathes into the system.

So, I'd say the Grover PC is a winner and recommend giving it a try. The power cord itself is easy to work with, not stiff, but not a noodle either. And it is terminated with some very nice Furutech ends."  Wittyonline (audiogon).


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